In 2012, I was invited to give this talk at the TEDxSanAntonio event.  It was one of the best days of my life.

If you’re looking for a keynote for your next marketing or business themed seminar, or someone willing to get up early to talk to your next Rotary Club breakfast, I may be your guy.

I am also available for kids’ parties, if you decide you don’t want to go with the traditional clown and balloon animal routine this year.

I am probably best known for speaking about marketing and advertising, via my association with the Wizard Of Ads Group. Included therein is my series of One Man Brand bootcamps, which are specifically designed to help small business owners (and owner-operated companies that are “not so small” as well).

I have also made appearances at Wizard Of Ads branded events which take place at our home base in Austin and in major cities across the US and Canada.  Our “Wizards On The Road” series drew large crowds in Denver, Nashville and Richmond in particular.

Some of my favorite keynote topics are:

  • The Modern-Day Placebo: How Expectation Guides Experience in Medicine, Business and Life.
  • Building The One Man Brand
  • The 12 Most Common Mistakes In Advertising and Marketing
  • Social Networking For Non-Profits
  • Like Lemmings To The Sea: The Power Of A Single Word

All presentations are built to suit. I work with event organizers to customize my content.  My day rate is $3,500 but I do make a handful of dates available each year at a discounted rate (and potentially pro-bono for non-profits).

In addition to traveling the world to talk about marketing, I also emcee events here in Austin, where I usually speak about a a variety of non-business topics, including but not limited to:  technology, music and my misadventures in the music business, pop culture, fitness, independent filmmaking, parenting, and alcohol/substance abuse (anecdotal, not clinical…obviously).


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