Wizard of Ads

As a partner in the Wizard of Ads group, I am plugged into a network of the world’s most forward-thinking marketing minds, who pride themselves on helping owner-operated companies make their dreams come true.

I also conduct business seminars, including my One Man Brand Bootcamp, in major cities across the US, Canada and Latin America.

I am on a mission: to help the little man maintain a toe-hold in the modern economy. I only work with owner-operated and/or family run outfits—no mega-corporations or publicly-traded companies. I could probably make a lot more money chasing Fortune 500 companies, but the truth is that I do pretty well helping make the entrepreneur’s dreams come true.

It also helps me sleep better at night.

 See, I don’t like all the ways the world is changing. Power consolidated in the hands of the few. The obscenely rich get richer while the rank-and-file get bent over. Fevered egos run amok while competition is sacrificed at the altar of higher shareholder earnings.

That’s just the way it is, I’m told, and there’s nothing you can do about it. But I disagree. There’s a lot I can do—am doing—about it. By helping owner-operated businesses across the US and Canada grow and prosper, I like to think I’m defending a way of life, helping keep Mom and Pop safe from the wolves at the door by helping them build strong brands that will stand the test of time.”

If your world needs changing, and you’d like to talk to me about helping your business, or if you need a keynote speaker for your next function, gimme a shout!

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